Wondering how to kick-start your day with energy and positivity? For most people, waking up early in the morning seems like a huge task especially when you’re a nocturnal owl or you pull an all-nighter. How you spend your morning sets the quality of your day. If you’re a person who has a difficult time getting up in the morning, here is a piece of advice – create a sleeping routine! Because having proper sleep habits solves half of the problems.
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Not getting a good quality sleep can result in feeling hazy, sluggish and unproductive. If you incorporate the right sleeping habits, you will find noticeable changes in your lifestyle and feel ready for the day.
Need some changes and tips on how to start a productive morning?
Here are 5 morning rituals for a great day every day:

Start with a healthy breakfast

Eat breakfast like a king/QUEEN! Yes, that’s right. You should start off your day with a healthy meal. It can help you better focus at work without unnecessary food cravings. This is the only fuel you will need to get started.
When you wake up in the morning, your body is dehydrated the long sleep. Therefore, the first thing you should after waking is have a large glass of water. Water keeps your body active making you feel refreshed.

Get your body moving

A productive morning is linked to physical activity. The perfect way to start your morning is to go for a walk outside, perform stretches or do a full workout to keep your body strong and energetic.
You don’t have to exercise for a prolonged period. Even a 10-15 minute stretch is beneficial for nervous system and it improves blood circulation.
By indulging yourself in activities, you’ll feel productive and positive for the rest of the day.

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Spend your time wisely

Instead of using cell phone/gadgets aimlessly in the morning, you should invest your time in reading books/novels/magazines, watch a useful documentary and listen to motivational speeches to uplift your mood and instill positivity inside you.
It’s best to practice mindfulness as it can help getting rid of stress and negative thoughts, keeping your mind at ease.

Effectively plan your day

Prepare a list of tasks that you need to do on the day by writing them on paper. This way, you’ll be proactive and motivated to perform tasks that need to be done.  Write down your most important tasks on top followed by least important. Take charge of your life, cultivate new habits and be productive.


Studies have shown that meditation is the key to sharpen your memory, decrease stress and keep you focused. Try to meditate for at least 10 minutes and you’ll see just how amazing you feel.
You can either add meditation to your exercise regimen or do it exclusively.

Create a good skincare routine

Taking time for yourself is an excellent way to practice self-care. By creating a regular skincare routine, you are setting your skin up for success. Try our new collection.
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By incorporating these morning rituals, you’ll see positive change in yourself. It can be said that a productive morning leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle.
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