The core philosophy of Ametrine Organics is based on illuminating your inner beauty using pure, wildcrafted, organic ingredients that are selected based on their functionality, effectiveness, and safety. We believe that nature can be our guide to living a sustainable, ethical, and healthy life.


Our Founder

Born and raised in Latvia, Ieva Deroui has always loved nature and sought to surround herself with it at any opportunity. In her early 20’s, she worked around the globe in cities like Dubai, Hong Kong, and New York City while she pursued a career in hospitality. Yet, this demanding career caused Ieva to experience burnout and she developed a variety of symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, breakouts, and just generally felt unwell. To reclaim her health, she decided to act.

Ieva went on a mission to not only focus on her health but to create balance in her life. She wanted to create a natural and holistic lifestyle, and this prompted her to become more and more aware of the unnatural substances and ingredients present in the products that she used every day. She was shocked and horrified at the toxic chemicals present in what she put directly on her body, particularly those in skincare and cosmetics. What initially began as a few questions about what was present in her skincare turned into more and more about how she, herself, could play a role in providing a solution.

Then, after having her first child, Ieva became even more passionate about limiting her child’s exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins in everyday products. Knowing that these chemicals could disrupt hormone function, increase risk of cancer, and other disorders, Ieva got creative. She went to her kitchen and started experimenting with the possibility of making her own natural skincare products. In 2014, she officially became a health coach to fully follow her passion for health and wellness, and in 2019 Ametrine Organics sprang to life.

As a vegetarian, vegan, and cruelty-free company, Ametrine Organics is all-natural and plant-based to ensure that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. With Ametrine Organics, you’ll never doubt that you’re making the healthiest decision for your body again.


Why Ametrine? 

Ametrine is a mix of amethyst and citrine, both of which are healing and cleansing crystals. Ametrine is a rare and unique quartz which represents purity, strength, and power. It became the namesake of this organic line of skincare as Ieva’s favorite crystal. She has felt connected to it for many years as a source of healing—spiritually, energetically, physically, and mindfully.

Ametrine Organics is the ultimate way to heal your skin through a natural and organic method. Just as Ieva learned, balance in your life goes beyond just eating healthy or working out. It extends to how you treat your body through skincare as well. Ametrine Organics will help transform your skin to healthy, glowing and luminous.